Joint ankylosis

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Joint ankylosis

Ankylosis - is a stillness that arises in the joint. Ankylosis of the joint develops as a result of pathological changes in it. This might be the consequences of the joint trauma, arthritis and arthrosis. As a result of ankilozirovaniya joint formed by its stiffness, turning then to the total immobility of the affected joint. Distinguish fibrous ankylosis with the growth of fibrous connective and osseous ankylosis with the growth of bone tissue.

After heavy intraarticular fractures associated with the destruction of articular surfaces formed joint ankylosis.

Joint ankylosis clinical manifestation and symptoms

The main feature of ankylosis - stiffness in the joint. Functional disorders depend on the provisions of a limb, which occurred during its fixation ankylosis. For example, if as a result of ankylosis knee leg will be fixed in a bent position at an angle, the normal walking would be nearly impossible for the patient. If fixation occurred in the legs straightened or slightly flexed position, the patient with ankylosis can walk and work.

Ankylosis of the joint occurs:

  • as a result of inflammatory changes in the joints (arthrosis, arthritis, etc.)
  • after severe intraarticular fractures associated with the destruction of articular surfaces

Ankylosis often occurs after open injuries of the joint, accompanied by the development in its current long-term suppurative process. In this case, comes degeneration of cartilage cover of the joint surfaces with the growth of fibrous connective (fibrous ankylosis) or bone (bone ankylosis) tissue.

Prolonged stay in the cast also contributes to ankylosis of the joint.

The main complaint with fibrous ankylosis - it's a pain in the joint. In this case, the residual rocking motion in the joints with fibrous ankylosis will be saved. Bony ankylosis is characterized by the absence of pain and any movement in the joint.


Joint ankylosis diagnosis

Joint ankylosis diagnosis begins to consult a doctor or trauma surgeon. Assessed the patient's medical history, determined the range of motion in the affected joint and formed a plan needed further examination and treatment revealed ankylosis of the joint.

MRI of the knee in the sagittal projection (ligament, meniscus, articular cartilage) ankylosis with.

From hardware diagnostics joint ankylosis physician may be appointed and held:


Joint ankylosis treatment

Joint ankylosis treatment can be conservative and operative. Therapeutic tactics in ankylosis will depend on the clinical manifestations of disease and these studies (CT (computed tomography), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) or X-ray of the joint).

Conservative treatment of ankylosis of the joint is the use of therapeutic exercises, therapeutic massage, physical therapy procedures, which allow you to restore a full range of motion in the joint, completely remove the restriction in the joint, remove the painful symptoms of motion of the joint, to improve nutrition in the joint and improve the tone of weakened muscles.

Depending on the degree and type of joint damage in ankylosis, the following conservative treatment of:

In the treatment of ankylosis of the joint elimination of edema, inflammation, pain, restore range of motion in the knee joint and its muscles accelerated by the use of physiotherapy.

Conservative treatment includes ankylosis:

  • early comprehensive treatment of inflammation in the joint
  • application of rational methods of treatment of intraarticular fractures
  • early gymnastics (the patient must be regularly performed in the cast of rhythmic muscle tension)
  • massage
  • physiotherapy

In the surgical treatment of ankylosis arthroplasty performed the operation, if the fixation of limbs occurred in the position of making impossible the functioning of the limb.