Valentin Menshikov

Valentin Menshikov, traumatologist-orthopedist.

Speciality: traumatology, orthopedy


  • N.I. Pirogov named Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow, Russia
  • Residency and postgraduate studies: Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Moscow, Russia
  • Thesis topic: Treatment of chronic lateral instability of the ankle joint by the arthroscopic method.

Additional certificates in the specialty:

  • Completed a training course for individual foot orthotics using the "SURIL-ORTO" method.
  • Trained as part of the implementation of the model of the basic principles of continuing medical education, provided by the Association of Traumatologists and Orthopedists of Russia (ATOR).
  • April 27-28, 2017 - a course on the treatment of diseases of the foot and ankle joint under the direction of Nick van Dyck. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


  • Member of the Russian Association of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (RUSFAS)


  • Arthroscopic techniques on large joints (shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle), corrective osteotomies in the knee joint, endoprosthetics of large joints. Conservative methods of treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Osteosynthesis: intramedullary, extramedullary and with the help of external fixation devices.
  • Reconstructive surgery on the tendon-ligamentous apparatus: suture of the Achilles tendon, refixation of the biceps tendons, refixation of the patella's own ligament, elimination of the dislocation of the acromial end of the clavicle, etc.
  • Conservative treatment: elimination of dislocations, reduction and plaster immobilization of limb fractures, blockade.
  • Orthopedics:Arthroscopy of the ankle and foot: sanitation and diagnostic arthroscopy, release, removal of chondromic bodies, Brostrom operation, endoscopic resection of calcaneus exostosis (spur) with micro-fracture of the plantar fascia, endoscopic resection of calcaneus exostosis in Haglund deformity.
  • Knee arthroscopy: meniscus resection and anterior / posterior cruciate ligament plasty, patellar stabilization, knee chondroplasty, resection of Hoff's fatty body.
  • Arthroscopy of the shoulder joint: subacromial decompression (Mumford procedure), suture of the rotator cuff tendons, Bankart and Latarget surgeries for habitual dislocation of the shoulder head, removal of chondromic bodies, tenodesis / tenotomy of the long head of the biceps.
  • Elbow arthroscopy: sanitary and diagnostic arthroscopy, release, removal of chondromic bodies.
  • Corrective osteotomies: femur and tibia in monocompartmental gonarthrosis. Corrective osteotomies of the foot for Hallux valgus, "bumps" / "bones", hammer-like deformity of the fingers and Taylor's deformity ("tailor's foot").Endoprosthetics: knee and hip joints, including fractures of the femoral neck.
  • Conservative treatment: injuries and their consequences, pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Intra-articular injections: preparations of hyaluronic acid, platelet growth factors (PRP, ACP) and chondroprotectors.

Participation in conferences and scientific events:

  • Speech at the III International ASTAOR Congress in collaboration with ESSKA and ISAKOS (Moscow, March 24-25, 2016);
  • Speech at the III Congress of the Association of Traumatologists and Orthopedists of Moscow with international participation “Traumatology and Orthopedics of the Capital. Time for change "(Moscow 05-06 February 2016);
  • Speech at the Congress of the Crimean Forum of Traumatologists and Orthopedists 2016 “Main directions of domestic traumatology and orthopedics” (Yalta, September 19-20, 2016);
  • Speech at the Congress: Eurasian Orthopedic Forum (Moscow, November 29-30, 2017);

Printed publications:

  • Author of 10 scientific papers, 2 articles in a periodical peer-reviewed journal, 6 abstracts in various collections of scientific papers .;
  • Co-author of the printed article "Experience with the use of modified technique of anterior cruciate ligament plasty" (Doctor Postgraduate 2014)
  • Author of the printed article "Treatment of chronic lateral instability of the ankle joint" (Doctor postgraduate student scientific and practical journal. Year of publication 12th (May 05, 2015). Topic number: "Traumatology and Orthopedics" pp. 32-41.
  • Author of the printed article “Experience in arthroscopic treatment of chronic lateral instability of the ankle joint” (Bulletin of the RUDN University);
  • Co-author of the teaching manual “Anterior shoulder joint instability. Modern approaches to diagnosis and treatment "(Publishing group" Geotar-media "Moscow, 2017).

Regular participation in foreign and domestic scientific and practical conferences: Vredenov readings, ASTAOR, Artromost, RAO, RUSFAS.


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