Drugs and Medications

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All the necessary information (instructions for use) of the desired drug can quickly find its name in the "Drug index A to Z", "Drugs reference", "Drugs A-Z List","Medicines List for Health Professionals and Patients" or "Drug classification and categories" which, in alphabetical order is a list of drugs from more than 13,500 titles. Described in detail:

  • pharmacological properties
  • indications
  • methods of application
  • contraindications
  • side-effects
  • special instructions
  • drug interactions
  • drug overdoses, symptoms and treatment
  • storage conditions

warning Attention! It is important to remember that the longer the course of taking drugs, the more likely they will manifest side effects in patients.


Most often, a patient with a narcotic analgesic purpose appointed (Valoron H Koh proksamol, Panadein, Pentalgin, Perdolon, Prodein, Ridol, Sedalgin, Spazmoveralgin, Talamonal) and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs drugs group (Xefokam, Voltaren, Feldene, Coldrex, Ibuprofen etc.). They reduce the intensity of pain symptoms, thus improving the patient's state of health, normalizes sleep, if it was broken because of severe pain.

To reduce pain in vertebral compression fractures osteoporotic bone recommended intranasal spray Miacalcic (Calcitonin).



Less commonly used psychotropic drugs (Doxepin, amitriptyline, imipramine, clomipramine, Nialamide etc.), Which are used to fight with long-term pain in chronic and degenerative processes that affect the spine. Needless their use also contributes to improving the emotional well-being, often suffer in any protracted illness in humans, as well as reduce the dosage and frequency of receiving analgesics directly themselves.


Neuromuscular blocking agent

In order to eliminate painful muscle spasms (fibromyalgia) appointed relaxants (Mydocalm, Sirdalud, Baclofen). They help to increase the activity of applied medical manipulations and physiotherapy, removing excessive muscle stiffness.



To restore the myelin sheath of nerve in neuritis with impaired nerve conduction Impuls use vitamins "B" (Milgamma) Espa-lipon and Valium in various combinations with cardiovascular drugs (Trental, Cavinton), improves microcirculation in the damaged nerve myelin sheath, which suffers first.

It is also well proven drugs (Gelenk Nahrung), thereby improving the power contributing to the restoration of the affected cartilage and ligamentous apparatus of the spine and joints.

Conservative treatment of osteoporosis will include supplementation of calcium (Calcium Sandoz) and osteoprotektorov bisphosphonates (Aclasta).


Ointments, salves

For external use only appointed various ointments and rubbing, as contributing to the removal of pain and inflammation in muscles and joints pain (Fastum-gel, Finalgel, Apizartron, Ben-Gay, Kapsikam etc.).

Appointment and selection of drugs in dosages and combinations required is carried out after examination of the patient to consult a doctor. The procedure for selection of treatment are always individual. This takes into account a feature of the body, age, comorbidities for each patient.

The treatment is carried out in ambulatory patients and hospital, depending on the severity and type of disease, as well as on the method recommended treatment.