Spinal traction

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Spinal traction

In our clinic a safe and highly effective spinal traction. The patient and the patient feels the comfort of his position on the couch, which contributes to the reflex relaxation of muscles. Sspinal traction provides high efficiency of prevention and treatment at a very moderate dosage tension and eliminates the possibility of injury to the spine during the procedure.

Traction table used for traction in spinal diseases.

Some spinal traction tables supporting surface passes the heated air to the muscles of the back and neck massage transmits vibration. Such an extension of the spine as a whole to create a unique environment for the restoration of the intervertebral discs, all the structures of the spine and prevents any injuries during the procedure.

Traction table for spinale traction the during operation (extension of the cervical and lumbosacral spine).

As a result of spinale traction, the patient may be an increase in the distance between the "sagging" adjacent vertebrae, intervertebral discs active saturation of the water with an increase in their size. As a result of the extension of the length of the spine and spinal height of a man rising. Curvature of the spine to normal.

To eliminate the slightest probability of tissue damage after the treatment of intervertebral discs spinal traction to get up from the couch to be careful and smooth, using the support of the sidewall of the couch and armrests. For about an hour after the procedure is not recommended to make any sudden and large-amplitude movements of the torso and head, as well as to make carrying heavy loads.