Hydradenitis suppurativa (HS)

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Hydradenitis suppurativa (HS)

Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is a purulent inflammation of the sweat glands, located mainly in the armpits and much less often in the perineum or around the nipples. In the past, this disease was called "udder". Abrasions, scratches, including those resulting from shaving, diaper rash, non-observance of hygiene rules, the use of depilatory agents, a general weakening of the body, some endocrine diseases, especially diabetes, and in women - dysfunction of the sweat glands, are suggested for this disease.

The causative agents of this disease are staphylococci. These bacteria enter the sweat glands either through their excretory ducts or through the lymphatic vessels, and then through the fatty tissue surrounding the glands.


Diagnostics of the hydradenitis suppurativa

At the onset of the disease, at the site of inflammation, there is an itching sensation, a very painful swelling with a diameter of several millimeters to 1-2 cm appears dense to the touch. Gradually, the size of the swelling and pain increases. The skin above it turns purple-red. The center of the swelling gradually softens, opens, and creamy pus begins to stand out through the hole formed. The development cycle of one infiltrate lasts 10-15 days. Healing of hidradenitis is completed by scar formation.

Often, neighboring sweat glands are involved in the inflammation process. In this case, an extensive, very painful infiltrate is formed, the skin over which becomes bumpy. With the successive defeat of more and more sweat glands, the process is delayed for a month or more. The disease is often accompanied by a severe general reaction of the body with an increase in body temperature, headache, and leukocytosis. Hidradenitis often recurs. With incorrect and delayed treatment, exacerbations of the disease can be repeated dozens of times. With timely modern treatment, recovery occurs in 5-15 days, although in some cases relapses of the disease are possible.


Hydradenitis suppurativa treatment

Hair in the lesion should be trimmed. The skin in the lesion should not be washed, but cleaned with salicylic alcohol twice a day. Pure ichthyol is applied to the lesion. After opening the hidradenitis, dressings with a hypertonic solution are used. For all forms of the disease, antibiotic therapy is started as early as possible.


Prevention of hydradenitis suppurativa

Prevention of hydradenitis suppurativa (HS) is mainly about personal hygiene. It is necessary to take a shower regularly and wipe the area of the armpits with disinfectant solutions (boric or simple ethyl alcohol, cologne, deodorant). Frequent shaving of armpit hair is not recommended. In the case of abscess formation of the process, surgical treatment, opening, and drainage of the focus are used.