Furuncle (boil)

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Furuncle (boil)

Furuncle is an acute purulent-necrotic inflammation of the hair follicle and sebaceous gland, which spreads to the subcutaneous tissue. The emergence of a boil is facilitated by impaired hygiene, improper skincare.

In the occurrence of boils, metabolic disorders in the body (diabetes mellitus), exhaustion, low or inadequate nutrition (vitamin deficiency) play an important role.

A furuncle is most often accompanied by an increased body temperature and mild symptoms of a general deterioration in the condition.

Usually, a furuncle is a rounded, painful knot that captures the area of the sebaceous gland and hair follicle of the skin, surrounded by painful compaction of soft tissues around it and redness of the skin over the entire area of inflammation.


Furuncle (boil) treatment

At the very beginning of the development of the boil, when necrosis has not yet formed and suppuration has not begun (the first 2-3 days), physiotherapeutic procedures are used, ice is applied, anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed. Treatment at this stage can be carried out in a polyclinic.

With the development of a purulent process (abscess), surgical treatment is indicated under local or general anesthesia in a polyclinic or a hospital.


First aid for boils

Remember, correct Furuncle (boil) treatment in the first days of its manifestation will help you avoid surgery. To do this, just contact the surgeon by phone.

If you are afraid of the doctor, then in the first 2 days you can take Aspirin (if it is not contraindicated for you), apply ice to the boil, apply vodka bandages (not compresses!).

Be careful and do not listen to the advice of "seasoned" friends and neighbors - you run the risk of getting complications if they are inexpedient, and not recovering. For example, Vishnevsky's ointment, ichthyol ointment, and compresses only contribute to the fastest formation of an abscess, and this will require an operation to open it and then empty it.

When squeezing boils are located on the face or in the nasal cavity (nasal boil), such a formidable complication as thrombosis of one of the venous sinuses and sepsis is possible.