Technique of Sampling and Blending Sponge Layer (Spongiosa)

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Scope of the operation of minimally invasive removal and application of the spongy layer

Instruments for minimally invasive cancellous collection and placement are designed in such a way that the cancellous layer is taken either by a percutaneous incision or by detachment of the cortical layer of the iliac crest. In this case, the instrument can be installed anywhere and driven into the iliac crest with a hammer.

After endoscopic removal of the intervertebral disc, the space can be filled with the spongy layer in the instrument without fear that the spongy layer will be lost or slip out of the intervertebral space.

Multifunctional trocar for endoscopic removal of the intervertebral disc.

Other bone defects of the spine can be corrected in the same minimally invasive manner. The instrument is suitable for endoscopic thoracic and lumbar applications.