Transphenoidal Skull Base Microsurgery

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Transphenoidal skull base microsurgery

The transsphenoidal approach to the sella turcica is the most commonly used in skull base surgery. This new set of instruments for transsphenoidal access to the sella turcica is the product of many years of experience and the daily challenge of neurosurgery, which demands the highest demands on the operator. The presence of vital structures presupposes surgical interventions with maximum precision and excludes uncontrollable movements.

The presented set consists of 40 innovative instruments developed by the author for transsphenoidal surgery of sella turcica lesions and skull base tumors in order to provide the neurosurgeon with simple yet effective instruments for daily use. In terms of precision, workmanship, robustness, and ergonomics, these instruments are manufactured to the standards that traditionally characterize KARL STORZ products, which have become synonymous with reliability and professionalism for surgeons around the world.