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Stress — it momentarily or chronically occurring physiological state of emotional and physical overload. To restore sometimes simply catch up on sleep, swim in the pool, distracted on something pleasant. In chronic cases, the drug must be supported plus one to several sessions of psychotherapy.

Insomnia - this is one of the signs of stress.

Stress can arise from a variety of causes. Among the factors associated with the emergence of nervous disorders, are the so-called "distress" - stress have negative effects on the body. The causes of this condition may be sadness, suffering, life crisis.

But maybe not worth the start the situation so far? At the slightest sign of nervousness, you can consult a psychotherapist.

One of the typical ailments of modern society are sleep disorders. In women, they are most pronounced in menopause, men - in case of overload at work or loss of employment.

"I have a terrible stress!" Probably, everyone had to say something like that with a deep sigh of disappointment. When working rife, children irritate drive somewhere new dent, and a bad day.

It's hard to believe that the body needs to maintain good form requires "Solidarity portion" of stress. The concept of stress is healthy in medicine called "eustress". By the forms of its manifestation is, for example, a long trip on vacation, in anticipation of which enjoyed a few months. Meeting a new friend that causes trembling apprehension. These kinds of stress are essential to maintain health, they do not cause any harm. And the small difficulties that we face on a daily basis, as are their number. Another thing is the so-called "distress": serious problems at work, life crisis, divorce, disagreements in the family. For children distress may become a problem at school.

How can you distinguish healthy from unhealthy stress? Here are the main signs of stress:

  • If the thought of working there is a slight indisposition, you suddenly feel tired and happy to have stayed in bed
  • Forgetfulness and decreased concentration
  • Complaints of physical discomfort that appear and disappear
  • Attacks of sweating, knees "like cotton"
  • You feel "like a squeezed lemon"
  • Temper tantrums, which did not exist before

Our recommendation: Do not allow this situation to develop. At the slightest sign of "unhealthy" stress need to consult a physician psychotherapist.