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Depression — this condition is usually the result of long-existing and unresolved everyday psychological problems when it is emotional, mental, energy depletion, and under an hour and financial. Man becomes like a volt-free mechanism is vulnerable to various kinds of diseases. About a state of the people say that "even chicken hurt." Therapy is conducted in a complex with the inclusion of drugs regulating emotional and endocrine sphere, which complete energy balance, plus psychotherapy sessions (usually the art therapy).

Man with emotional wounds, falling into depression, imagines himself useless, unloved and unable to anything, and the society in which he lives, it seems hostile.

Internal emotional "scars" there are many people who have never had physical injuries. The impact of these "scars" on the personality no less profound. These people in the past someone had offended. And in order to protect themselves from possible humiliation and insults, they are "built up" a kind of mental "corn" emotional "cicatrix", which, however, defended not so much on the source of the original offense, but in general from all the people. It built a kind of a psychological wall, through which it was impossible to get either a friend or a foe.

Not so rare that deceived the woman swears no longer trust any man. Or reject a man gives a vow to continue not to reveal his feelings to anyone. But just as the scars on his face, excessive emotional security can bring us great harm.

The emotional wall that we erect not only alienates us from the people, but also from our own "I". We have already mentioned that a person feels lonely, cut off from the people around them, usually loses contact with his own real "I" and with life itself.

Emotional scars creates a distorted, ugly image of their own "I". This is an image of man, whom nobody loves and accepts as an equal, who is unable to maintain normal relationships with other people. Emotional scars jammed in people creativity, not allowing to show and develop their abilities.

Professor of Educational Psychology University of Florida Dr. Arthur Combs named a number of characteristics shared by people who managed to fully develop and realize their potential:

  1. They feel respected, welcome and skillful
  2. Calmly accept their shortcomings, if they exist
  3. They have a sense of identity and unity with others
  4. They have a rich store of different knowledge

The man with the emotional scars imagines himself unnecessary, unloved and unable to anything, and the society in which he lives, it seems hostile. Therefore, his attitude to people is colored by hostility, relations with others, he is not built on the basis of cooperation, selfless help, buddy, and on such terms as "win, defeat, defense." Such a person does not know how to be compassionate and responsive to any others nor to himself.

Frustration, aggressiveness, loneliness - that's the price you have to pay him.

Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius used to say that people are constantly looking for themselves some shelter: a house in the countryside, on the beach or in the mountains. But the person in power, if desired refuge in himself. Nowhere man finds shelter as seamless and easy as in his own soul, especially if it is in an image, looking at who instantly attains full peace of mind; and peace of mind - not that other, as the proper order of thought.