2020 FAQ questions

Hello. 2 weeks ago I woke up and realized that I could not raise my left foot, went to the doctors, as a result, a neurologist of one clinic diagnosed neuropathy of the left peroneal nerve due to some problems in the lumbar-sacral region, in another clinic they agree with the diagnosis, but they do not consider the pelvis Than, maybe I later did electroneuromyography, which showed a conduction block is registered in the popliteal fossa bone. In general, I sit while on droppers and injections where I don't know where to cure this sore (in one clinic, old methods, such as "Kuznetsov's applicator" second clinic is not neurolgy). can you help?
Hello. Get a consultation with our neurologist. He will provide you with all the necessary treatment for this type of neuropathy. To sign up for a consultation, you will need to contact our manager.


My mom is 83 years old. Her left hand grows numb and hurts very badly at night. One operation on the right arm was performed in 2014 (Endoscopic treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome (carpal tunnel)) in St. Petersburg. One could go there again, but at her age it is difficult. Let us know if you do such an operation at her age and the cost of this operation. Thanks.
Hello. First, it will be necessary to establish the cause of the numbness in the hand. This can be both a problem at the level of the carpal tunnel and in the cervical spine. After that, we will be able to offer the required treatment plan and announce the cost of treatment. To sign up for a consultation, you will need to contact our manager.


What is the power of an MRI machine, how much is Tesla?
Hello. 1.5 and 3 Tesla. Research cost depends on body parts and research mode. Specify the cost of research that interests you specifically with our manager by phone.


15 years ago, vision dropped sharply, then the right eye began to bother, which seemed to move horizontally to the middle, then the same thing happened with the left. There is no doubling in the eyes, the contours of the nose have become noticeable, and it looks very ugly from the side. There is an opportunity to fix it and what it is. Thanks.
Hello. Sign up for a consultation with our ophthalmologist by calling our manager. He will be able to find you a possible plan for correcting the oculomotor muscles.


MRI results: MR picture of partial damage to the talo-tibial portion of the deltoid ligament. The minimum synovitis of the ankle and not significant - of the talocalcaneal joints. Local edema of subapovrotic fatty tissue at the level of the calcaneal tubercle. How serious is it? Does it require surgical intervention?
Hello. You can pre-contact our orthopedic surgeon through our manager to clarify your questions about the treatment of damage to the ankle ligaments.


Hello! My name is Ivan. I have congenital hereditary lymphostasis of the lower extremities. Now I am almost 17 years old, all my life I have been observed at the Pediatric Academy in St. Petersburg. Until now, my doctor prescribed me only conservative treatment, which consists of wearing knitted underwear, playing sports, physiotherapy, and taking medications (Phlebodia 600, lymphomyosot). The question is: is surgery still possible at this stage of the disease? (Stage 1 "lymphedema")
Hello. Surgical treatment for lymphostasis includes microsurgical formation of lymphovenous anastomoses and lymph node transplantation. To sign up for a consultation, you will need to contact our manager.


I bought vitamin E tablets, in a dosage of 100, I take them once a day, what are the possible side effects?
Hello. All the information you are interested in is in the instructions for use of the drug drawn up by its manufacturer.


Hello, please tell me how and where and whether it is possible to buy novaring in India, I have been using it for 6 years, I have been flying for six months
Hello. We have no such information.


Good day! Do you do ultrasonography of the main arteries of the head? Is it possible to do it today?
Hello. We perform Doppler sonography of the main arteries of the head (arteries of the brachiocephalic trunk). To make an appointment for diagnostics, you will need to contact our manager.


Treatment of Syringobulbia and Syringomyelia
Hello. What are you interested in regarding the treatment of syringobulbia and syringomyelia?
MRI of the cervical spinal cord shows two syringomyelic cavities filled with CSF (indicated by arrows).


Hello. A ventral total discectomy was performed with endoprosthetic of the M6-L implant in the L5-S1 section. The operation was based on the long-term unsuccessful conservative treatment of an intervertebral median-paramedian-foraminal left-sided hernia with compression of the left root. After the operation, the pain in the left lower back and the left leg disappeared immediately. But there was a pain in the lower back on the right, radiating to the buttock with rare lumbago in the left calf muscle. 15 days have passed since the operation, the pain persists. Question: what kind of research should be done to identify the cause of the pain? Best regards, Andrey Barinov
Hello. It is necessary to conduct a control MRI of the spine at the surgical level to visualize possible causes of pain.


Hello. Fampira is required. Is it possible to consult with you on this issue?
Hello. It is possible to officially buy this drug in Europe if there is a prescription from a doctor licensed in any country of the European Union. We have found colleagues in Germany who are ready to help you with its purchase/shipment to Perm.


You can send your question to our specialists at by attaching text data and images to it or by filling out a special form.