The Sacroiliac Joint Stabilizing and Lumbar Pain Relieving Belt

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The Sacroiliac Joint Stabilizing and Lumbar Pain Relieving Belt

Product Description

This compression belt relieves lower back pain without the conspicuous bulk of lesser models. It stabilizes the sacroiliac joint to correct its dysfunction (instability) and inflammation (sacroiliitis), encourage correct posture and relieve lower back pain.

Its low-profile design uses hook-and-loop fasteners for a custom fit under clothing for all-day comfort.

size M - 112x12 cm (44.09x4.72 inch),
size L - 127x12 cm (50x4.72 inch)
Weight: 200 g
Color: black

Customer Reviews

★★★★★ I bought it for my 86 year old father. He has sacroiliac joint disfunction with pain. And this belt has improved his ability to sit up on his sofa with little pain.

★★★★★ Great product! Just as advertised. Easy to use and good instructions.

★★★★★ Excellent support for my aching back!

★★★★★ I use the product for walking as my back hurts. The belt is light weight and relieves the pain. The price is right, the product is made well.

★★★★★ The product works exceptionally well. My sacroiliitis symptoms and pain have subsided a great deal; especially when I have to drive. Then, you cannot see it under your clothes. It is a relief to my past condition.

★★★★★ My husband was trying to put off getting back surgery and I ordered this belt for his lower back pain. He got such relief from this product and says it feels like someone is cradling that area and giving relief!

★★★★★ Its a great product. I use all the time.

★★★★★ Helps a lot!

★★★★★ I needed a back support without boning in order to support right at the curve in my lumbar area. Traditional back support belts can't press in to that area and they just slide up. I have been wrapping an ace bandage around my hips for support. Although that works, it would be all in a bunch before long. This belt supports exactly where I need it, stays in place, fits under clothing and is quick to put on.

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