The Cordless TENS/EMS Therapy Pain Reliever

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The Cordless TENS/EMS Therapy Pain Reliever

Product Description

This is the device that uses transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to help ease pain and improve muscle strength. The TENS therapy provides drug-free pain relief by stimulating the nerves and blocking pain signals to the brain, while EMS engages muscle contractions to accelerate strengthening and rehab.

Best for back and neck pain, sciatica, pain relief (shoulder or knee arthritis, plantar fasciitis), nerve and muscle stimulation.

It has 24 TENS and EMS modes which can be used together or independently. Includes TENS/EMS unit and 8 electrode pads. Charges via USB.

warning Not for use by those with pacemakers.

Dimensions: 9,5х5,5х1 cm
Weight: 200 g
Color: black

Customer Reviews

★★★★★ A very interesting device, bought to replace one channel. Many different modes. No need to buy batteries anymore.

★★★★★ The device itself is small, but powerful - I turn on the power points from 10. Until I completely figured out the algorithm for controlling it. But I like the device. The electrodes are covered with a sticky layer - they are conveniently attached to the body. You can also buy additional electrodes.

★★★★★ The device is small, compact and easy to operate. Thanks.

★★★★★ I like it so far. I recommend it. Such a device can even be gifted to relatives or friends.

★★★★★ Super! Very happy with this stimulant! Exceeded all my expectations!

★★★★★ The device is SUPER, in spite of its compact size (here, for sure, the size does not matter!) !!!

★★★★★ Many modes in such a small box !!! After using for 2 weeks, it really helps !!! Buy it and you will not regret !!!

★★★★★ We use the second week on a single charge. Works great, back pain heals well. Great stuff!

★★★★★ Very cool thing, I recommend it. I tried it on myself - this device powerfully massages any muscles. I am pleased.

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