The Customized Fit Coccyx Gel Cushion

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The Customized Fit Coccyx Gel Cushion

Product Description

This is the ergonomically designed cooling gel coccyx cushion that provides support while relieving pressure. Adjustable top layer, made of memory foam with a removable gel pad, fits hips and buttocks for customized support and improved sitting comfort.

Gel layer keeps cushion cool. Bottom layer of polyurethane foam adds stability. Designed for use in cars, office, or home and suitable for post surgery, tailbone pain, sciatica, and other conditions.

Removable machine-washable cover.

Dimensions: 45х35х7 cm
Weight: 600 g
Color: gray, black

Customer Reviews

★★★★★ The stuff is good. As for the therapeutic effect, it is difficult to say so directly at once. We need to see how it will be further in operation.

★★★★★ It suited me. Thanks.

★★★★★ The pillow is cool. I ordered a gel cushion. Indeed, my back ache less and it is much more comfortable to sit with it. A friend with serious back problems tried mine and ordered the same one. in general, we recommend!

★★★★★ This gel pillow is a very high quality. My back stopped hurting. All the employees tried to sit on it during the day and also ordered for themselves. I highly recommend this pillow for anyone with back problems and a sedentary job. I'm thinking of ordering another one for the house.

★★★★★ The tailbone stopped hurting after sitting on the chair. 80 kg flatten the pillow with the gel to 1 cm. But that's enough. Without weight, the pillow is restored.

★★★★★ The pillow is just super. Very comfortable and high quality.

★★★★★ Perfect for the tailbone.

★★★★★ Luxurious and very comfortable thing. Thanks for quick delivery.

★★★★★ I like to sit on it, you get tired less.

★★★★★ Convenient for the spine, relieves, really!

★★★★★ Comfortable pillow, very satisfied.

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