2019 FAQ questions

Good day. Are you doing mammography on Fonvizin street? If so, what is the cost? How can I make an appointment?
Hello. Clinic address: Moscow, 2nd Tverskoy-Yamskaya per. 10. Sighting Rg-graphy of the breast costs 3390 rubles.


Tell me, do you work with other regions on quotas and compulsory health insurance policies
Hello. Regarding this issue, you will need to contact our manager.


Hello. Yesterday, at 23.00, Tropicamide-Pharmac eye drops dripped. Today it is 12.16, and one pupil has remained dilated. What to do? Thanks in advance for your reply.
Hello. Talk to your doctor or schedule a consultation to our ophthalmologist, call our manager.


X-ray dated 16 08 2016 - Physiological lordosis is enhanced. The height of the bodies of the C vertebrae is reduced, the bifurcation of the spinous process of C1 is determined, the congenital block of spinous processes C3-C4, additional cervical ribs is not excluded, a change in the transverse processes of C7 is noted. An additional variant of the development of the bodies of C2-C3 vertebrae. Geneticist Vpr Kss. Cervical spine defect. CT - straightening of physiological cervical lordosis. Graded deformity C4-C5, C5-C6. Juvenile osteochondropathy. Neuropathologist - Residual encephalopathy. Hypertensive-hydrocephalic syndrome. Delayed mental and motor development. Mnestic-intellectual deficiency. Difficulties in the formation of writing and reading General speech underdevelopment of the 2nd degree. Dysarthria. Child 10 years old what should the doctor do? How to treat?
Hello. Correction of defects of the spinal column can be performed in the presence of appropriate clinical symptoms. For the development of the psychomotor development of the patient, it is necessary to contact a specialized pediatric medical institution.


Good day! Can you please tell me if it is possible to do a comprehensive MRI of the brain, cerebral vessels (arteries) + cervical spine, and neck vessels? If this is possible, how much will the research cost? Thank!
Hello. Magnetic resonance angiography of the internal and external carotid and vertebral arteries costs 17,410 rubles. Magnetic resonance angiography of intracranial vessels costs 17,410 rubles.


I will buy sclerovein 1 fl. 2%. I am from Crimea. Can I buy it from you, can you send it to Simferopol?
Hello. We do not sell medicines with international delivery.


Good afternoon! Please tell me where I can buy Pentosan polysulfate SP 54?
Hello. Check with your local pharmacy referral service for this information.


May I make an appointment for a consultation? Can I speak with the doctor on the phone before coming for a consultation? Protrusions do not allow me to live normally :)
Hello. You can pre-contact the doctor of the clinic through our manager to clarify your questions about the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the spine.


Hello! It is necessary to make an appointment with a neurologist, does the clinic work on Fonvizin street?
Hello. Clinic address: Moscow, 2nd Tverskoy-Yamskaya per. 10. To make an appointment for a consultation, you will need to contact our manager.


You can send your question to our specialists at by attaching text data and images to it or by filling out a special form.