2017 FAQ questions

Hello! It so happened that I urgently need a medicine (butorphanol), until the next prescription is too long. Can I get a prescription and buy it at your clinic? Thank.
Hello. The appointment or withdrawal of any opioid analgesics will depend on the medical history and clinical condition at the time of the examination by our specialist. To make an appointment for a consultation, you will need to contact our manager.


Good evening! Please tell me if you can read the CT scans of the abdominal cavity taken earlier in another clinic. How much will it cost? The necessity of the operation depends on this. waiting for your reply.
Hello. Description of a CD with a diagnostic study performed in a third-party health care facility costs, costs 10820 rubles. It is also possible to consult our specialist on the results of the existing research.


Good afternoon! A patient with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (not walking), concomitant disease of the trigeminal nerve. Is it possible to block the trigeminal nerve at home and its cost?
Hello. Blockage of the Gasser node in trigeminal neuralgia is carried out in sterile conditions with the use of X-ray control. For this intervention, the patient needs to be hospitalized in a hospital, because his preparation will be required.


Hello, how do you radically treat Shaerman Mau (visually pronounced)?
Hello. Treatment of hereditary Scheuermann-Mau disease can be conservative (physiotherapy, massage therapy, swimming, and exercise) and operative in the case of severe pain syndrome that cannot be stopped by conservative methods of treatment. The essence of the surgical intervention is to stabilize the spinal column with transpedicular screws connected by a metal rod (to the left and right of the spinous processes). This eliminates its excessive mobility at the fixation level, relieves the defective endplates of the vertebral bodies, and relieves the symptom of pain.


what phone number can I use to reach you?
Hello. You can contact us at the following numbers: +7 (495) 320-85-38 (Moscow), +995 (557) 40-30-53 (Tbilisi).


Hello. Got a lot of head injuries. The main thing is to restore the cognitive functions of the prefrontal cortex, the frontal lobe. I have not been treated before. What, how, prices, describe in detail. I'm from Kyrgyzstan. I'll come
Hello. For diagnostics, we perform MRI with in-depth neuroimaging of the brain. Its cost is 22,000 rubles. Based on this, we will consult with an appropriate specialist with the selection of a subsequent treatment plan. To sign up for a consultation, you will need to contact our manager.


Cyst of the 4th ventricle of the brain up to 8.5 mm, how dangerous is it?! and where to apply?!?
Hello. A brain cyst of intraventricular localization may be a mechanical obstacle to the normal flow of the cerebrospinal fluid, which can cause acute intracranial hypertension. We recommend that you consult with our neurosurgeon, where you can get detailed information about your treatment plan. To make an appointment for a consultation, you will need to contact our manager.


Good afternoon, my sister, 35 years old, was diagnosed with polymyositis and developed cardiopulmonary insufficiency during the disease. 8 days on the ventilator, more than 8 days is impossible. the doctor advises making a tracheostomy. Tell me with a given disease it is possible and what is the danger.
Hello. Tracheostomy is performed to improve drainage and sanitation of the bronchopulmonary system, which is necessary for patients with a long-term connection to a ventilator. Technically, the operation is simple, and even with polymyositis, it must be performed without fail to all patients who need it in the intensive care unit.


Is it possible to give birth to a child with a diagnosis of eosinophilic granuloma of the left temporal bone?
Hello. It is possible if there are no clinical manifestations that require immediate treatment that is not compatible with the gestation of the fetus.


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