The EMS Abs and Arms Toner

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The EMS Abs and Arms Toner

Product Description

This is the cordless wearable muscle exerciser that uses electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) to tone arms and slim your waist without breaking a sweat. Simply adhere the peel-and-stick conductive gel pads to your arms and stomach and press a button.

The device sends low frequency electrical pulses to gently contract muscles for a complete abdominal and arms workout while making dinner, watching TV, or doing chores.

Shuts off automatically after each 20-minute session. Can also be used on other areas including thighs. Compact enough to take with you anywhere. With 10 intensity levels and 6 massage modes. Includes one abdominal trainer, two arm trainers, three rechargeable stimulator units, manual and USB cable (the power supply is not included in the package, it can be charged from standard USB port: phone charger, power bank, computer or car USB ports).

warning Not for use with pacemakers!

Dimensions: 17х60 cm, 6х19 cm
Weight: 300 g
Color: black

Customer Reviews

★★★★★ Never imagined I would need this, but yes after having a baby, ordered this to see the difference, it works, easy to use, it’s effective, you can definitely see the results, I have been using this since I received, so far works great no issues, give it a try, it’s helpful!

★★★★★ I wanted to see if this would actually be useful and it turns out that I actually did feel the abs flexing and relaxing. You have to start with low first so that you can get used to it but then gets normal after a while. After you take it off it feels like you really did an ab workout. So, it's a pretty good product because it covers abs and arms which is really nice.

★★★★★ Not bad at all. Quick to install and take in hand, slips under clothing discreetly. The patches are fine and the programs well designed. You can really feel the effects and the muscles word. I use this product for about 30 minutes every day and I am starting to feel and see the first effects real practical and friendly little gem in terms of design. I am very happy with my purchase while the size is more than reasonable. You remove it as easily as you install it so that's great.

★★★★★ I liked everything and I’ve definitely seen some progress, you do have to do some exercises such as walking to see faster results but overall, I’m quite happy.

★★★★★ Actually, it is a perfect gift for my father who pay more attention to his body building. It really stimulates the muscles forming of the abdomen. Have already seen its surprising result. Don't hesitate if you also eagerly want to be a real muscle man.

★★★★★ I love how I can change the ab toning levels. I am not one for using technology products to make my body look better, but my friend bought this and recommended it to me. All you have to do is stick it on your body and turn it on. You can really feel your body working. 5 stars from me.

★★★★★ So so cool! You can actually see it moving your muscles. The best part is you can lay in bed and relax while it's doing all the work for you! Product actually works as it will make your muscles flex but be careful if you are sensitive. I hope to see the results with regular use.

★★★★★ I am very lazy, usually do not want to exercise with this perfect solution, looking at the tall. Use those who reduce weight, the effect is very good the baby that wants to buy to send a person again is very good, the family member likes very much, just affixed have hemp feeling.

★★★★★ It is my first time to buy this new technology stimulator. I like to try new stuff. However, it is easy to figure out how to use it and easy to adjust. So far, just use it for a couple of days. I don't expect that it works in short time. Hopefully, it works in a month or two. Anyway, it is cool.

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