The Electrostimulation Heated Neck Pain Reliever

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The Electrostimulation Heated Neck Pain Reliever

Product Description

This is the wearable cordless device that combines electrostimulation with heat therapy for drug-free relief of neck stress and tension. Employing transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), an approach widely embraced by physical therapists and other medical professionals, the device delivers harmless electrical pulses to the neck to block pain signals from reaching the brain.

Its heat setting delivers soothing warmth up to 118° F that helps loosen knots and speed circulation to relieve neck pain and stiffness from driving, flying, or office work. The u-shaped band slips comfortably around your neck and the included infrared remote lets you create a customized 15-30-minute treatment session by selecting from six modes, 16 intensity levels, and two heat settings. Rechargeable battery provides up to 21/2 hours of use with the included AC adapter.

warning Not for use with pacemakers!

Dimensions: 13х18х6 cm
Weight: 310 g
Color: white

Customer Reviews

★★★★★ An excellent massager, a lot of pleasure, good relaxation.

★★★★★ It helped me with trapezium spasm. Thank you!

★★★★★ I bought the second one already (the first one worked for about 3 years).

★★★★★ Charges quickly. The remote control works. Checked all modes! Everything works great, I recommend it!

★★★★★ Great massager! These for 7-8 euros are only electrocuted. Do not spare money, take this one, it massages very well!

★★★★★ It relaxes well, at the first level all the processes, the procedure 15 minutes is enough to relieve the fatigue of the neck muscles, you can repeat it.

★★★★★ The device is good, it works in all modes, I checked it, massages well, several modes, currents are also normal.

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